Steak Hasher, Hashing for Blueprints

Hashing used to not be possible in blueprints. Now hashing will be possible in blueprints!


  • Should work on most if not all platforms
  • Very easy to use (Because blueprints)
  • int and int64
  • Useful for seed generation


Download: GitHub - STEAKISAWAKE/SteakHasherUE4: Open hashing to blueprints in ue4.

If there are any issues with the plugin, feel free to commit or post below!

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hi what Unreal version is this for? Is it a CRC checksum? thanks!

It uses UE4 4.22 but works with 4.23 Previews as well. It uses Googles city hash. I dont really know what CRC Checksum is but the github repo says stuff about it being in there.

What about unhashing to get integer back into string?

you cant “unhash” a hashes. you can only compare two hashes. this is the sense of a hash!