"STC" New Game Development

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been slowly working with UE for a little bit and began developing my game last month. It’s going to be a game with the classic side scrolling beat em up style. The name of it is “Save the Cakes.” At first I wanted to create a beat em up and just have a quirky story, but now I have developed it deeper. I’m anxious and excited with this because beat em ups are still awesome in my book and can be done well. I’ll link the few quick concepts I have of the two main characters, one is mainly close quarters melee, while the other is medium to long range.

Also I just put up a prototype with basic movement controls for any and everyone to test out. I want to do the preproduction right, and getting the movement, style, camera, etc is very important. If anyone is interested in running the prototype I’ll leave the link to the files. Both Mac and PC can run it.


Looking forward to growing with all of ya’ll and the awesome things we all create. :slight_smile:

Very small update.

Finally getting use to everything. I’ll mainly be using UE4.9, Substance Designer/Painting, ZBrush, Maya, and Photoshop. Getting the bakery down took some time. I could be much better but I’m happy where it is and the look in the engine. It will be the start of the journey. The sizes aren’t final, I just want to place assets in game to see how they respond.

It has been many moons since I’ve updated but I’ve been slowly working on this for a little while now. I updated the look of the two main characters. And building the test level now while coding in the basics. I’m still keeping it a fun side scrolling beat em up, but I might have a few features added to it. Maybe a leveling system. But I do know I will have different enemies types as far as what they do. Like your basic melee, range, but incorporate enemies that buff each other, heal, etc. Basically bring in a few RPG elements into the mix so you’ll have to think just a little before punching the next guy. But here is a updated quick sketch of the main characters now and a quick instagram vid of the level progress. You can follow me on IG @ jmansland too.