Staying healthy when coding a insane project

Usually, I try to maintain a vegetable diet while I code or go months at a time eating vegetables.Now I can’t hit up the gym and I fell why behind. Luckily I’m athletic so I can shed pounds on a treadmill. But geez have to restart but this time for good hopefully. I get my stuff together and all I have to do is work on 3d art and build the company.

That’s an oxymoron.

Hi. It’s really tough task.
Here’s what I’m trying to do to stay healthy:

Wake up in the morning, take cool shower
Do some exercises with my own weight (push-ups, etc)
Run couple of miles
Squeeze fresh fruit juice (or just water with lemon and honey)
Work till noon
At noon I swim 10-15 minutes in the nearby river
Then lunch
Then some freetime and work till 6 p.m
Dinner at 6 p.m
Then some free time
Go to sleep early (at 9 p.m., brain needs healthy rest)

And I have to confess: it doesn’t necessarily make me more productive at work :slight_smile:
Other guys I know who lead pretty unhealthy lifestyle, sometimes are much more productive.
Especially when they take lots of coffee, caffeine tablets, adderall, etc.

Rent/Buy summer house near water. Code for 20-30min, swim for 20-30 min (while thinking about what to code next). Or do it after you finish each tiny bit of code.
If you live in place like Iceland or Canada just move somewhere warmer. Visit friends/parents only for xmass (so you remember why you moved south).

:slight_smile: This sounds like a amazing idea.