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Hey Developers!!
Today I have the honor to show a bit of the OSTM’s project being developed with Unreal Engine 4.*

What The Game Represents: The game was projected to be the first AAA and most invested Brazilian game ever! Compete with top titles is just a consequence of that wish. In addition, the objective of the game is not just proportionate a game-to-play but one that pushes the player into the game, the character is you and you are the only one who decides whom he/she will turn in. Decisions and interactions are the main point of the game and reflections and attitudes direct you to a slope. This game don’t want the graphics as the main attraction but the system as the main one.

How The Idea Born: It came when I was doing a course from ID Tech at Harvard University of Game Design&Development and several days were pretty intense, a lot of study, dedication and with tiny free spaces. In those spaces the correct would be relax the mind and the body practicing some sport, talking with friends, chatting with family or just playing video games with the colleagues, however my real problem is that I wasn’t following the lessons, I presented some difficulty in the beginning at least and for me it was really costly! So every time that I had free including the break after lunch I used to study and study, so then I would develop myself. With some days I was way better than before and hadn’t those problems anymore in that path had a day that I was reading a book of Game History and reviewing all the content that I had learned and then I started to build this idea. I realized that want to make a game is not enough, that a game in a market is much more than a bunch of codes, (level) design and 3d models, when you launch a game, you tell a story - not contained just by words, but with a lot of emotion, characters, personalities, intrigues, moments that build an atmosphere. Adding the point that launch in the market is not just sell it, it’s give a reason to sell because a game is not a project in the end of all, it’s an entire new world.

About The Team And How It Works: OSTM mean Opportunity Scrum To Machines and it represents innovation, (design) thinking, brainstorm, evolution. This things just can’t be only in the game itself but in all the work ambient and that’s why we are composed of a different business model to lead and to produce. One of our peculiarities is that we work in what I like to call T-NUCLEUS form in which we are the central nuclei and have the support of a lot of others(around us). Counting all the people contributing to the project it’s about 130+.

The Content: Access Stay Alive website!

The Production:** It envolves a lot of research and trying and go to every time accomplish the best results possible. Just a bit of prints:

The Main Softwares being used:

We in the media:
News in a national(BR) forum: Um jogo brasileiro de impacto


como chama esse programa com o “C” em uma foto e o da cabeça de macaco ??

O do macaco se chama Marmoset Tool. O “C” é o CrazyBump.

Crazybump e Marmoset Toolbag, respectivamente.