Status of Offline Docs

There were questions about a year ago asking the state of offline documentation.
At the time, there was nothing, but the developers suggested they were looking into it.

Is there official offline documentation?
If not, has someone made unofficial documentation or does it still need to be done?

note for anybody who hasn’t looked into this issue: part of the discussion is method of distribution. there isn’t a legal way to distribute documentation generated from official documentation en masse, as far as i know.

This is not really an answer, but on the second post it says something about no legal way to distribute. obviously it’s illegal then for Unity to give a HTML version of the manual automatically and even offer for you to download it from the online site even if you already have it. i guess i should sue them for shoving their offline user friendliness down my throat.
This response is more direction to the ridiculousness that epic games haven’t made their own download link for the manual and left it to non-staff users to post one. (by the way, that link is now dead)
I’m with you on that download issue. Still waiting in 2016.

I absolutely hate developers that take for granted a big internet pipe. I used to live in a rural area, and go to a thing for 2 weeks in the desert every year where there’s 0 internet. Sometimes you need things separate.

DoD frequently needs non-connected machines also for security.

I found the system just a few hours ago…adobe acrobat, it creates pdf from webpage…they is downloading it all, I update it when it ends