Stats Upgrade Shop (Dark Souls)

Hi, I put a shop feature on my game,
I want to purchase powerups from the shop
I have everything, but I don’t know how to apply the right Upgrade when the character buy the upgrade who match with it.
I guess I need to do something after the “ButtonClicked” Event, maybe get the item who has been selected and then set the powerup. Idk how to do that.
Thanks if you answer !

Screenshot from the UI_Shop

Screenshot from the BP_Player for the powerups

Youtube is your best friend:

I follow the first video, I know youtube exist
But the ending of the tutorial is not what I need
I don’t need items, thanks for the reply anyway

Why don’t you selectively watch the videos on fast forward to see if he eventually covers what you want to do?

If you won’t help me, it’s useless to post here
I didn’t find another tutorial who fit so I follow this one and I thought I could adapt it to my project.
Thank you

I am trying to help, but I don’t personally know the answer to your question, because I’ve never had a need to build out a shop and I don’t have the time to figure it out for you. The video I linked you to was a series, Pt1 through 4. From the video, click on his name Ryan Laley, and then use the search button and search for shopkeeper. It will list all 4 videos.

I’ve already watch all of the videos, the serie countain 8. I know how youtube work ty x)
I only found that on youtube, but he don’t explain anything : Dark Souls like Stats System UE4 - YouTube

Ahh ok. Well, sorry I couldn’t help more. I figured he would have taught you how to do what you want with that many videos :stuck_out_tongue: