Stats on player character

I would like to know if anyone can help me out?

I want to put stats on a character using blueprint, can someone show me a sample and where to put it, it would help me out alot.

Thank you in advance

Are you talking like Health, age, weight, moral, that kinda stuff?


Yes health and Mana, plus I would like to see about skill if I can.

Fairly easy. Most will be an Integer, like health, mana etc. For spells, you could store these as Booleans, if Bool yes, then it will display a spell in you HUD so you can cast for example.

How far have you got?


just really started, I’m not sure where to put the info at, I don’t think it will be on the main level.

This is can be either stored the the Player PB, Player controller, World BP or a separate BP all together.

I would put stuff like health, mana and alike would be in you Player character. Easier to reference when damage done and stuff.

Spells, could be stored in a SPELL BP and referenced by your player BP. That might keep you code cleaner.

Else you can have spell sorted in a function, that would also keep it clean.


hmmm that makes sense, I guess the same with NPCs also? I just know I have lots of work in front of me. But as UE4 grows so will I, I guess.

When you get a chance, YouTube, some really easy tutorial on this. Telsa is great for short, quick and precise tutorials.

But plenty out there. Workout the health one, then mana will be the same.

Also check around here, many people before you have asked about spell casting. (I would set out all you spells before starting your coding, 1 small thing missing and you could be fixing a lot of coding)

If ya get stuck, ask again.