Stats of time to event?

so, my base idea is that in my main game I should extrude the controls and place them on player controller.

From There, I would call interface calls that end up on whatever is possessed if they are implemented.

Before I go throgh all of that, I would like to test the difference in timing for the interface call, vs the difference in timing for the direct event on the actor in question.

any ideas on how to output the function call time?

yes, I can do this manually. No, there is no way that would be the same as getting a value from a compiler - unless I’m overthinking it.
printing out a time node takes time, so you introduce extra time between the calls…
also, usually the difference is microseconds, so unless the time uses double i doubt it would even print accurate enough.

Any ideas / suggestions / “do” or “don’t do” tales of woe?

If you are that worried about performance you should stay away from Blueprint entirely since an interface call vs a regular function call is going to be so minuscule it will be difficult to register while moving logic from Blueprint into C++ gives a measurable improvement.

Personally I would not use an interface for every input because there is normally no need for it. If the input is implemented on the Actor that uses it then input can be enabled and disabled easily.

I agree that c++ is faster (we all should), but the question in not about performance as much as it is about viable usability and the possible network issues one may have due to this approach vs a more direct one - like on actor input.

Also, an input on the player controller can be check off for consuming input, which makes the interface call not a necessity.
however even then, I wonder on usability and re-usability…