Stationary skylight and reflections

I have a hitch with UE4, which I would like to resolve.
I am using UE for archviz and I deal mostly with static stuff, every once a while need for dynamic objects arises and with dynamic objects I need dynamic lighting, especially when dealing with VR/walktrough videos. Stationary directional light is cool and doesnt cause any problems. The problem I have is, that skylight HDRI lightning looks weird when set to stationary.
I have attached some screenshots from one of my smaller projects. All lighting on photos comes purely from Skylight with specified cubemap (HDRI), Intensity, indirect bounces all set to 1. The only thing that changes is stationary/static skylight and reflections on and off. Third (reflection captures on) and fourth (reflection captures off) pictures are made with static skylight. As you can see lightning looks OK, nothing special, third photo is bit better since it has some reflections from captures. First and second photo are lighted by stationary skylight. Second photo has no reflection captures, while the first one has reflection captures set to visible (same as third). As you can see second picture already looks bit unnatural, but turning reflection captures on is where things get wild. All area that is affected by reflection captures gets washed out (by reflections)?, it looks like reflections are amplified or something. While static lighting looks OK, I still like some aspects of stationary skylight - for example reflections in window, sky reflections in roof panel frames,… I feel like it could add quite a lot of depth to scene if i could just set it right.

There might be some setting that I missed, or maybe a thing that I should have done differently with stationary skylight. However I have watched quite some guides in past months and I havent found any clue to what goes wrong.

Thanks all for help!