Stationary objects do not fall when the floor underneath them falls

My game project has an elevator floor that mostly stands still but is designed to occasionally drop like a rock, with everything on top of it dropping too. This seems to work beautifully if the objects on the elevator floor are moving, but objects on the floor that are completely stationary when the floor falls will NOT drop, they will hang in space forever until something causes them to move (like movement input or a bump from another object.)

I have found a work around, and that is for my floor to move up an imperceptible amount before it falls, but that is a dirty fix and while it fixes the issue in most cases I am doubtful that it 100% solved my issue.

I am wondering if there is a way I can force objects in my level to reevaluate what’s underneath them and fall if appropriate.

(note: some of the objects that are getting stuck in are are a simple mesh cube, and my pawn which is moved by a floating pawn movement component with gravity enabled.)