Stationary Directional light illuminates movable objects in shadow on mobile - is this a works as designed issue?

I found, that movable objects (e.g. player character) get fully lit by by a stationary directional light, even if located behind a wall in areas, that are in shadow.

The directional light simply ignores any static meshes casting shadows, even the character mesh itself (inside of mouth for example gets lit).
This only happens in ES31 preview or on the mobile device, in D3D things look correct.
The question: is this really the intended behaviour? I’m searching the web and trying endless options since almost one week.

is the question still relevant?I have is an idea))

Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes, it is still relevant. Here is the post with my original problems. This one was just a reduced one to focus on a single issue. At the end of the original post you can see, that this issue is still not fully solved. Still happening on the real mobile device.

check which profile you have selected

I gave it a try: On Play or Mobile Preview it is “Windows”.
Just did a new build and deployed on the P9000: here it reports “Android_MALI_T8xx”
Thanks for pointing into this direction, I will need to check the Device Profiles Stuff.

all this can be checked very quickly so as not to think and search for a long time)) just turn off the plugin and see if the problem disappears

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Cool, disabling the plugin - making a new build. Now the P9000 now reports “Android” as Device Profile Name. The “light in mouth” problem as mentioned in my other post is now gone.

So, disabling the plugin to detect the specific device seems to fall back to some standard Android Profile. Although, shouln’t device profiles be used to optimize for specific platforms? For the MALI_T8XX I checked the Engine configs, there’s stuff mentioned like disabling EarlyFragmentTests and stuff like MaliMidgardIndexingBug… looks like some workarounds for specific problems, which now seem to be disabled.

At least, for testing, it really did make the problem disappear.

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that’s right) setting up profiles I understand you found) so now find out which parameter spoils your lighting )

this is your game and your decision)) I have a very simple game so I did not touch the profile settings, just turned off this plugin

I will go and do some experiments, but I believe, that keeping the plugin disabled might be the solution for me as well, as long I will not find any issues during testing. It is a quite simple game as well, and I hope, that I get access to 2 other phones from friends of mine in the near future.

Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate and did learn again.

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Might be, that I’m blind, but I cannot find any function to mark this as solved. Do you know, where Epic did hide that functionality in the Forum?

this discussion) as far as I know, if you would create a Q&A you will see this

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Ah, I see. My fault, I thought that selecting “Question” instead of “Discussion” in New Topic would make it a question that can be answered and marked as such later on. Actually, I already did this, while being in that Q&A section by chance. Thanks for clarifying this.