Station outpost 8 - 6 Day project

Hey everyone!
This piece was made back in UE4 and is built up from Megascans, personal assets, and assets from the Unreal marketplace. I didn’t use any concept art or had any idea where I was going with this except for the fact that I wanted an abandoned train station hanger, from there my imagination took over while I was building the scene. It was a really fun challenge to make all these different types of props work and come together in a final result. This piece was made over the course of 6 days after my works hours. I had split up the workload into 3 different categories, Blockout/Dressing - Lighting, and presentation. 3 days went to building the scene. 2 days to lighting and one day to presentation. I hope you guys like it! Feel free to give your thoughts about it or if you have any questions, feel free to message me!

For high detail screenshots and 4k videos check out the artstation post!


Hey KelticVermeersch,

Happy Holidays friend!
Wow! This scene is wicked charming. The way you’ve set up the lighting makes it truly stunning to look at. To top it off, the spraypainted graffiti adds some insane character and personality to the project.
Pieces like this always make me so jealous, being able to create with just a bit of imagination and a ton of talent is incredibly impressive.

Thanks so much for sharing your art and I hope to see more of it floating around on the forums.
Brilliantly done :slight_smile: