StaticMesh initial location incorrect when change Level

I’am creating a class blueprint which root is StaticMeshComponent and add static mesh.
Everything is going well when play on the level A, but some problem will be happened
when start on another level B and change level B to level A.

start on level A:


start on level B change to level A:


I’m finding if close static mesh Simulate Physics will correct the problem. But I still want to know what happen is this?

Hi Senjyo,

Are you using Level Streaming to go from Level A to B? Or are you just loading in another level?

I just loading in another level not using Level Streaming

Okay, I attempted to reproduce your issue but I couldn’t get the same results. Is the blueprint doing anything on Event Begin Play? Could you upload a small test project that has the issue?

I don’t know how to update project here. But I created new test project, I still get the same results

and I don’t write any blueprint just create static mesh on static mesh component


and both StaticMeshComponent and StaticMesh opening Physics\Simulate Physics


Level1 is


Level2 load level1 is


I can’t figure out what is happen :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s less that 5 mb you can upload a zip of the project directly here. If it’s larger than than, feel free to upload it to something like Google Drive or Dropbox and post a link to download it here. Okay! I update it on google drive. Thanks.

Hi Senjyo,

Thank you for posting a link to download your test project. I was easily able to reproduce the issue and after further investigating I believe this is related to a known issue that we are currently looking into. It is logged as JIRA UE-27535 and I made edits to include your report and test project.

We will post back here with questions if he have them.



Thanks for your help :smiley: