StaticMesh elements order

Hello everyone!

I made some models for my game. They all must have 3 elements inside.
But when I apply materials to my model and import, elements go in different order than other model with same materials.

If I decide to remake my model from scratch and reimport it, element order will be different again, which is very annoying.

So… How can I make Blue material to be element 0, red - 1, green - 2. No matter, if it will be inside 3D editor or UE4, but without switching materials.

Okay. I found the solution.

Element order depends on Material ID inside your model. So in 3Ds Max there is 2 solutions:

Apply your material in the same order, as you want it to be inside UE4.

Use Multi/Sub-Object material node to make multiID-material.

Then apply it to your model. Go to Editable poly(or Emesh), chose polygon/element mode and find Material ID category.

Select poligons/elements you want to apply material on by using ID, chose what ID to apply in Set ID field.

It will apply your material AND, element in UE4 will match this ID (ID - 1, coz 0 is the first in UE4).