StaticMesh and SkeletalMesh has differents bounds size

Either in Blueprints or C++ code, using all GetBounds nodes availables, UE returns oversized bounds when calculate from SkeletalMesh. Also, the center (red dot) it’s in an incorrect position at the SkeletalMesh.

In other post (like this: the people suggest scale to 0.5f the output box, but this rule donsen’t works to Z axis, so this isn’t a generic formula for all models.

PD: In the mesh that I post, the pivot it’s at her feet.

Thanks in advance to anyone that knows a solution (I need use a SkeletalMesh in anyway)

We have run into the exact same Problem with out skeletal meshes. Is this really currently broken in UE4?

No matter what method we use to retrieve the Bounds they seem to be way off in an irregular manner. (UE 4.17.2)

I am also facing this issue. Additionally the bounding box is always in world coordinates, I would prefer the box to rotate with the object. Is there a way to achieve that?

I’m pretty sure bounds are calculated based on worst case pose for your skeletal mesh. If you imagine your skeletal mesh extending all of its joints out so that it has the largest bounds possible, that’s the only bounds you’ll ever see. I think this probably isn’t calculated dynamically to avoid per-frame overhead of doing so.

GetBounds() works good only for static meshes, it’s not for Skeletal meshes, especially when you’re animating

Use GetImportedBounds() on your skeletalMeshComponentObjectReference.getSekeltalMesh()
Sorry to necro this thread, I hope people will find this helpful.

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