Static Sphere Colliders VS Distance check every 0.1 s

I have many static objects that need to react when player enters their nearby area. Right now I have a Sphere Collider (cheapest collider + with “Query Only (No Physics Collision)”) on them and they detect it using OnBeginOverlap.
But what if I would replace these colliders with distance check (GetDistanceTo from the object to player actor) every, let’s say 0.1s (or even ~0.5s, I don’t need to check that often)? Would it be better for performance?
I wonder what’s the performance difference between these two approaches when having a lot of objects like these?

BTW. Is there some text/explanation about how static colliders/triggers work in UE? I’m curious how do they work ‘internally’, I mean… I guess that they don’t check every tick if there’s something in their radius, right? If so, how do they know that something enters them? My lack of knowledge in this area is desperately asking for help :slight_smile:

Bumpy bump, I will be grateful for some tips regarding this dilemma ^^

I’ve found something here about movable colliders: Performance check: Collision Overlap events or timer based distance checks? - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

But how about static sphere colliders? Will distance checks still be cheaper?