Static navmesh and level streaming woes

I’ve been struggling for days trying to get a workable navigation solution for my project and I’ve tried everything within the (limited) available posts on the subject, I feel like I’ve read every post available between here and Reddit. I have a mostly empty persistent level with a large nav volume as people have recommended, a dummy persistent level loads an overworld level there and the overworld level will then load POIs/smaller levels in specified locations (think 7 days to die) within blueprint objects. I was able to get the overworld/surface map to load at one point (and have since lost it) but couldn’t get the smaller/POI levels to utilize their navigation volumes

I have “Force Rebuild on Load” enabled in my recast, recast only existing in dummy/P-level, I have “Should Discard Sub Level Nav Data” disabled in project settings, and each surface map and POI/building map have their own navigation volumes. The dummy level also has Fixed Tile Pool Size enabled and size increased

I tried both dynamic and invoker style are framerate ruining for this project. I know some people have gotten this to work but I don’t know if that’s with the sub levels defined in the “Levels tab”. I need to be able to pull a random POI/building/whatever out of an array, do I need to physically list all of those under that tab and set them to invisible for that to work?

Wanted to make sure what I’m trying to do is even possible for UE4. Does loading the main world and its sub building maps at different times make static navmesh impossible? Before I spend infinite days of trial and error only to never find a solution :sob: And if not, is there something I can do for the invoker style of generation to make it a viable choice other than lowering the radius to the point NPCs wont chase me further than 50 feet?

I’ve spent like a year plus on this project and am now just getting to a point where I’m afraid that I’m not going to be able to make this game like how I envisioned and it’s stressing me out 1000%