Static Meshes

Hey I’m new to Unreal and am using it for a Level Design course I’m taking.

Unfortunately the Necropolis standard Static Meshes don’t give me a lot of possibilities to create things that aren’t “Space Age” or “Medieval”, with my juvenile skill set.

I was hoping someone could help me either find a place I could find some static meshes for UDK?; or is that something you need to contract a Modeler to do for you.

I was hoping for static meshes theme’d around WWI

My Regards,

Here you can find some meshes:

Do you use UDK or UE4? -> when you use UE4, you can also find some stuff on the marketplace :slight_smile:
When you use UDK, please post your questions into the UDK forum -> https://forums.epicgames/forums/366-UDK

I currently am using UDK as that is what my course asks us to use though I would prefer to be using UE4. I see you have a foliage Kit for UE4 free; do you know any place I can find free source meshes for UDK? Anywhere?

I’m trying to make something unique and I’m not a strong modeler yet in Maya so making models for my own meshes doesn’t seem to plausible with the amount of time I have been allotted.

Thanks again!

Ps. TurboSquid has awesome stuff, but I’m not sure investing a couple hundred for a class project is the right option for me at this time. That being said that website is awesome, thanks for showing it to me.

Take a look at this section in the UDK forum: https://forums.epicgames/forums/369-Community-Content-Tools-and-Tutorials? (especially the first thread)
You can also find free assets on turbosquid -> just set the price filter to 0 :slight_smile: