Static Meshes of Blueprint Components are all spawning in the same place

I just started a new project an created a basic blueprint class (Actor). I gave this class a static mesh (Grasstile). Then I created some childs of this class and added two other static meshes and two splines to each of the child. From one of the childs I created two further childs, to which I also gave some static meshes and two more splines. For all the children of the “first” generation everything works fine. But the two children of the “second” generation don’t work. At first everything was fine when I placed them in my level. But after I closed down the editor and reopened it, all the static meshes were no longer in the right place. In fact all static meshes of all the children of the “second” generation spawned in the same location. I can still move the blueprint in the scene around, but only the splines are moving. The meshes are staying in the same place.
When I’m opening the blueprints in the editor (double click), they seem perfectly fine. Everything is in the right place. The image in the Content browser on the other hand shows that there is something wrong, because the meshes are not in the correct place. I already tried to disable all the collisions of the blueprint components, but it didn’t change anything.

I know it’s kinda hard to describe, I hope you could follow my description. Do you maybe have some tips, what the problem might be?

Thank you very much in advance!

Hey there @DJTowlie! Welcome to the community! It sounds like you might be having some issues with local vs world space locations with your blueprint. It’s hard to determine directly from your description.

Is there any way we could see your blueprint in either an image or a paster like blueprintue?