Static Meshes Keep Disappearing when Packaging

This is so frustrating and weird…
I have a city with around a dozen different buildings as static meshes. In the viewport, when I do a standalone preview, I have no problems. Whenever I go to package the project, random buildings decide to not be there. Last night, after reimporting the problem buildings, I got a good package. This morning, I made a few small changes, packaged the project, and now around 5 of the buildings are gone. Some are the ones I reimported, some are ones that were always showing up. I’m going to make a few other small changes and I’m sure next time I rebuild, 3 buildings will be gone, etc etc.
I have checked “Full Rebuild” checked and unchecked for distribution…tried different build configurations. It’s always random. I would say 1/10 builds are fine, 9/10 totally random buildings are missing. I don’t know what is going on. Reimporting them, renaming them, reimporting the textures, redoing the materials…none of it has worked.
Does anyone have any idea what could be happening? The most frustrating thing is I am not able to repeat the error with any certainty…it’s always different.
Building on windows 8, 4.11.2, they are static meshes that I placed in the level. These are mostly meshes I migrated from another project. But now some of them I have completely recreated in this project and they’re still disappearing. It seems to be only the meshes in the content browser folder called ‘buildings’. All my other static meshes are working fine. Also the meshes that are disappearing have destructible mesh counterparts…the destructible meshes are not disappearing, though. Just the static ones.
Thanks for any help!


Take a look at the Answerhub linked below. The user was experiencing a similar issue and posted an accepted answer with suggestions that you could try.

Let me know if that helps.

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Thanks so much for your help. I saw that post and tried most of the things in there. I don’t totally understand the difference between cooking and packaging, though. So first I should cook the project before packaging? I found Content Cooking | Unreal Engine Documentation
But I don’t understand the exact process…I need to cook the pre-packaged project from the command line? Once I cook what do I do with those files? Is there a more in depth tutorial on how to cook for non-programmers?

Try taking a look at this page instead: Packaging Projects | Unreal Engine Documentation

Specifically, the section at the bottom on Content Cooking. Here is a direct link to that section for your convenience:

thanks cooking seems to have worked for the building meshes…now 2/3 of my movie materials have made other meshes disappear…upgraded to 4.12, too, so that may be it. any ideas?

I’m glad that the initial issue was resolved. As far as the new issue that you have, could you provide a bit more detail?

What meshes are currently disappearing? Are they all using the same material?

thanks for the help. I made a separate post about the movie material problem as it does not seem to relate to cooking. i duplicated the pre-cooked 4.11 project to 4.12 and with or without a cook two of the meshes with two separate movie materials disappeared. one mesh with a different movie material remained. I have them all set up exactly the same so I’m not sure what’s going on. This is the other post about that:
Thanks so much for the help!