Static meshes grow these big spikes on them, as if a vertex is way out of place for some reason

These meshes worked fine in another project I have open. My landscape sometimes does this too, and smaller meshes will grow these long needle like protrusions out of them at random times as well. Any thoughts on what might cause this?

If this is not a side-effect of vertex offset in the material, then this could actually be a symptom of hardware incompatibility or malfunction. Let’s rule out the latter for now. Can we get a peak at the material graph? Does this happen with landscape/meshes that do not have a material?

If thats a landscape derived from a heightmap - it could very well be bad data on the heightmap.
having a pixel suddenly out of range will present graphically exactly like this.

The obvious solution. Would be to 1) make sure the file is png16. And 2) manually correct the spike in it.

Your landscape appears unpainted. So I would thing this isn’t something that goes away when getting closer to it.

If it’s happening on meshes. The material is the first thing to look at.

Is it even using WPO or any kind of displacement?
If no. Then what was said above applies.

There is a different material in each of the different meshes that have been doing this. These mountains use the standard shader that comes with the pack. The Quixel megascans material also has this happen on it’s meshes, and finally my landscape mesh will also do this even with no material at all on it.

I’m running an RTX 3070 with up to date studio drivers

These are static meshes, not landscapes. My landscape nearby also has this happen to it near the corner, even with just basic sculpting done to it (no imported height map)

This effect seems to only happen to meshes that are not on the lowest or highest LOD. If i get real close, they disappear, or really far away the disappear

Check the material applied to these meshes.
chances are it’s just an error of calculation within the shader.

What am I looking for? They uses separate and unrelated master shaders (I describe this in more detail above) that also work fine in my other projects.

If the master shader makes use of the world position oddest
offset, tessellation etc. And if the instances use that