Static meshes generated by Blueprint collision issue

Sorry but I don’t no how this feature is actually named. I’ve made two blueprints that procedurally generate static meshes and do some stuff with them. The one is a ‘Table’ and the other is a heap of ‘Books’. When I place ‘Books’ blueprint (in the viewport window) above the ‘Table’ blueprint and press ‘End’ key on my keyboard, ‘Books’ fall through the ‘Table’ instead of being placed on the surface of the ‘Table’.

The actual static meshes of the ‘Book’ and the ‘Table’ do have collision models. When I place a static mesh of the ‘Table’ (in the viewport window) and the ‘Book’ blueprint above it, hitting ‘End’ key works as expected.

What am I missing?

No, I was using ‘Add Static Mesh Component’ and ‘Set Static Mesh’ nodes.

Were you using Custom Mesh Component to generate your meshes from triangles?
If so CustomMesh in BP does not yet support collision.

  1. create new BP
  2. add basic Cube
  3. place in the world above whatever static mesh
  4. hit END - BP falls though the mesh

yep, the cube is centered in 0,0,0 and it falls by it’s half…
how to fix that?

strange thing is that when I drag Book BP into the viewport and move it over the Table BP, Book places onto the Table correctly.

Hmm I could not repro this in a simple test case. Here is what I did

  1. Make new Actor BP
  2. In construction script, “Add Static Mesh Component” using “EditorCube” as the mesh
  3. Placed one instance in the world
  4. Placed another instance of the same BP above the first
  5. Hit END and the selected BP moved down to touch the first. But note that it moved it to the height of the selected BP not at the minimum height of the static mesh in the BP.

If I instead place a regular static mesh (same EditorCube) above the Blueprint and press END, the cube stacks on top of the first as if they collided.