Static Meshes - Animation

Hi community :slight_smile:
Due to economic reasons, I’ve planned to create environment objects and static meshes in Blender, and after buy a 1-month subscription of Maya/Maya LT for my actors. I don’t know what a static mesh is.
Can a static mesh be animated with simple events (rotation, traslation, scale)? Example. I create a static rocket in Blender. Can I make it launch (translate and rotate it) and, destroy it (physx) in UE4?

Static mesh:

“Static meshes are polygon meshes which constitute a major part of map architecture in many game engines, including Unreal Engine, Source, and Unity. The word “static” refers only to the fact that static meshes can’t be vertex animated, as they can be moved, scaled, or reskinned in realtime.”

In the UE4 you can move/rotate/scale it -> with matinee or with blueprints, but you will have to set their mobility to “moveable”. Yes, you can launch and destroy it in the UE4 -> Unreal Engine 4 - Destructible Mesh Tutorial - YouTube :slight_smile: