Static Mesh Vs Hierarchical Static Mesh

Dear All I have a Technical question to do.
Actually i prepared a set of about 20 static meshes for a modular Victorian building, I constructed my big villa using all the modular meshes to construct interior and exterior.
In total, just for the building, i used approximately 1500 meshes, generating the famous amount of Draw Calls.
I just would like to understand, if using an actor with placing inside all the 20 modular pieces as Hierarchical Static Meshes, and edit one by one by hand, would be result in a better performance of the level.
Since i understand that with Hierarchical Static meshes i reduce a lot the draw call, i have some doubt if for just a villa (quite big and complex) it would really help to use Hierarchical static mesh, since basically, you never see all the mesh in one times as can be for foliage, in fact the majority of the room are hidden covered by other room or the exterior wall of the villa…

In this case my question is simple, due to the fact that reconstruct my villa in BP with Hierarchical static mesh is a bit a pain in the ass, i would like to know before if it can be useless or not.

Thank you in advance.

Well, it’s really difficult to make a call without seeing the level. But as a general rule of thumb: Everything is allowed as long as your level runs well on your target platform / PC. So maybe just give it a try and see how it runs.


i learned a lot about instanced static mesh and wondered what method is the best in the eye of performance.
Both methods use hierarchical instanced static mesh, but the second one looks cleaner for me. Is it still a instance that way, or do i have to do it the first way to
save resources for fps? Maybe all two are wrong. :wink: I am in the same situation as you are. A lot of meshes needs to be instances because i want use dynamic lights and yes it is
a pain in the a… when have to edit all of them and then find out it was the wrong way.

Instance3.jpg 2nd:

In fact i realized that with almost 2000 meshes my performance drop down once i start to insert lighting, i can avoid it by using only static lighting but i don’t really like the final results.
Made some test with hierarchical static mesh (i use that because each mesh has LOD and the results is much better… It just time consuming putting 2000 meshes by hand in the actor BP.

I really think your first method is uncorrect, i kindly suggest, in case, you wanna use the construction script, to create a transform variable per each instanced mesh and make it as an array. You full fill by hand the array and you use a for Each loop function per each instance.

BTW the snd way is correct and you can use it.