Static Mesh vs height map for landscape

Hi all,

I am hoping some experienced people can jump in here and let me know if using static meshes for landscape is a bad idea? Or what are if any the negatives and positives of using 3d mesh for landscape? And if so whats the benefits of using the landscape tool set. To be honest i have tried world machine, geo control 2 and a few other programs and i just cant get the functions to work to create the type of landscape that i want. I have also gone the height map route and not done very well there either.

I have a city environment which is difficult to build landscape to cover specific parts of the city, so the easiest thing for me is to model it in 3ds and then import it as a mesh. How can i convert it to landscape inside the engine? This way it all aligns properly and doesn’t mess with the city meshes.

Any advice is much appreciated.

When you use a static mesh you will have to create your own LODs -> the landscape tool does it by itself + with the landscape tool you can always re-paint stuff -> with a mesh you will either have to do vertex painting or texture improvements in another program. You could convert your static mesh into a heightmap which you can import with the landscape tool

Make a gradient material in , uvw map on the side. Render out with no shadows, top down - now, like said import into UE4’s landscape tool.

Thanks looks like i will stick to landscape after all.

Thanks time spirit i will have to try that this weekend