Static mesh stretch and squash manipulation

Hi, I’m starting to use the EU4. some of my doubts , i had solve with tutorials online, but could not find anything about


my new question! How to export the FBX so that he can take the cartoon´s distortions, follows a video to illustrate my doubts

I want to share with you my solution.

Searching in internet i found to ways to do this: using ActorSequence component inside of a BP Actor, using timeline in BP.

The first options is no so useful, at least for me i could not create the ActorSequencer, i I was blocked here:

The second one is easier and fast to do:
First, you will set the initial scale of your static mesh, we need to save it without any change; then you will create a new time line; from this time line you will get the changes of the scale as you want, and you will add(+) this values to the initial scale; finally you will set this new scale to the actor scale.

In the time line you will set the scale variation:

As you can see, my time line is from 0 to 0.25(i wanted do it fast), as we are making the stretch effect, i stretch the y value while i squash the x value.

Finally, we get this effect:


That is similar to this one: