Static Mesh Stops rotating at 90/-90°

I have made a car with wheels being separate meshes, but after the first second it stops rotating it only seems to do this on the y rotation. I attempted to take a gif but it is hard to see

  1. Before your AddRelativeRotation node put a PrintString node and output some message. If it stops outputting when your wheels stop rotating, you know the node is not reached and the actor is not ticking anymore. You can also use the debug tools described in here to observe the values, maybe something sets RotateSpeed to zero.

  2. Output the absolute y-Rotation of the wheels every tick (Print String). Do they stop at a certain rotation? It would be suspicious if they stop at exactly 180° or something like that.

If you did that we have more information and can work towards the solution

Sorry for such a late reply. It seems to stop at -90

I also tested X(Roll) and it seemed to have no problems

I found this answer from user Angius. A workaround would be using AddLocalRotation instead.

It’s a pity that this bug still exists, I had it before 2 years and it still annoys me.