static mesh / socket import from modo

I went from 3DS to Modo to work on unreal engine and everything is going way easier, except when working with static mesh …

I used to export a FBX from 3ds with my mesh and dummies named “SOCKET_ …” (dummies parented to the mesh) and when imported in UE, I got the sockets.
When I try to make the same workflow from Modo (locators parented to a mesh, locators named in the same fashion), I don’t have my sockets in UE.

I tried :
-different FBX export options (all of them I think :frowning: )
-import the modo FBX to 3DS and the sockets are there, if I import this mesh from 3DS to UE, It works…
-import back and forth between 3ds and modo, the sockets are there

But each time I try a direct export from modo to UE, my sockets are gone in UE.

Has anyone got an idea ?


I think I just solved my problem :slight_smile:

If you convert the locator to a group locator in modo, it is recognized in unreal ^^

(for information, I use modo 11.0v3)