Static mesh / socket import from modo

I went from 3DS to Modo to work on unreal engine and everything is going way easier, except when working with static mesh …

I used to export a FBX from 3ds with my mesh and dummies named “SOCKET_ …” (dummies parented to the mesh) and when imported in UE, I got the sockets.
When I try to make the same workflow from Modo (locators parented to a mesh, locators named in the same fashion), I don’t have my sockets in UE.

I tried :
-different FBX export options (all of them I think :frowning: )
-import the modo FBX to 3DS and the sockets are there, if I import this mesh from 3DS to UE, It works…
-import back and forth between 3ds and modo, the sockets are there

But each time I try a direct export from modo to UE, my sockets are gone in UE.

Has anyone got an idea ?


I think I just solved my problem :slight_smile:

If you convert the locator to a group locator in modo, it is recognized in unreal ^^

(for information, I use modo 11.0v3)

Sorry to nekro
(I seem to do that a lot as regards Modo issues)
Could you, or anyone else who uses Modo, explain in more detail how you do this?

You cant actually SEE group locators, which is annoying, but if I place them as standard locators I could position them before changing the type to group.

But how exactly do I do it?
I would prefer them to be parented to a bone in my skeleton, but this doesn’t seem to work (it just creates another bone, or is ignored if it is changed to group locator.

The unreal FBX pipeline seems to say they are parented to a mesh?
That doesn’t make much sense to me, because how would they be attached to it and move with the skeletal animation?

I am guessing that this is probably a simple thing, but I would really love to get it sorted, as adding the socket in UE4 isn’t such a great option, and the items I intend to parent to it are themselves skeletal meshes, and it would be much better to get all that animation stuff lined up and working in Modo.

The more I think about it, I’m wondering why I would use sockets at all, seeing as how the C++ code I use parents to either bones or sockets (you just use the name), so i suppose I could just use a standard named locator?