Static Mesh references and actors - conversion process


I have a question for you.

If I have a map that has all of the static mesh actors in the correct X,Y,Z position and with their transform properties assigned, and I have a static mesh with say 500 references of the actor(s), is there a way I can update the references of the static mesh so each actor that is correctly assigned on the level/map can just be informed of the static mesh it is meant to use?


  • 1: I have an actor names of ‘actor1’, ‘actor2’, ‘actor3’ etc
  • 2: I have a static mesh called ‘Door’
  • 3: I have a text file of which ‘actors’ use ‘door’

How do I import this? Or how to do/can I update the references of ‘door’ to include ‘actor1’, ‘actor2’?.

I have all the information I need, but cannot work out which button to push to import this information into the editor…

Help is greatly appreciated.

Using C++ or BPs?

To resolve the problem - that’s for you to say. The information I have is as listed.

If it’s a blueprint resolution, then fine - if it’s a C++ resolution, then not so fine but still dandy, so long as it can be resolved and someone knows exactly how.

You’d have to create a TArray (or a regular Set) of pointers to the actors - or simply to the name of the actors - in the door class, then when the actor attempts to use the door, just cross-check with the array and the actor’s name (or pointer) and that’s it. Or is your question how to import the data? If you want to import data in an easy way, check the xls import factory (Driving Gameplay with Data from Excel - Unreal Engine)