Static mesh not being by lit environment light

I have created some static meshs in blender when i import them into my game as either a mesh or as part of an actor they are not lit by the environment light. Yet the static mesh’s that are part of the engine are lit. I have ran a lighting build and that has no effect.

  • could you post a picture
  • is it a dynamic or a static light
  • do you probably use emissive in your material
  • which engine version do you use :slight_smile:

The mesh has 3 materials on it one is emissive 2 are not the engine version is 4.7.3 it was also doing this in 4.7.2. Its the environment light that its not taking i have other mesh’s that do so i know that its not the environment light itself.

This is what it looks like in the world


This is what it looks like in the world with a point light on it


This is what it looks like in the mesh viewer



I have done some experimenting and its caused by having the metallic on those materials set to 1 but i dont understand why.

It seems to be caused by a low environment light amount and a high metallic value on the material.

Make sure that you have a reflection capture actor in your scene :slight_smile: