Static mesh not affected by lighting

I’m pretty new to UE4 and I’m trying to create a nice enviroment to familiarize myself with the engine. I’m running into some issues early on though.

I have this room consisting of a couple of geometry brushes and a static mesh that I created in UE4 by merging a couple of brushes together. The issue I’m running in to is that the static mesh looks very different from the brushes.

I applied the same material to both, however as you can see in the picture below then don’t match up at all.

The other issue occurs when I try to bake down the lighting. The static mesh just turns black as if its not recieving any lighting information at all. I have to move my point light physically in the scene to get it back.

As I said I’m pretty new to UE4 this is my first real project so I’d really appreciate some help.

Thank you.

Anyone able to help me along? Please, I’d really appreciate it.

BSP editing isn’t really suitable modeling more complex shapes and it probably has no proper lightmap, which means the editor has no clue how to apply static lighting.
You could get around it for now while you’re starting out by making your light movable/dynamic. But it’s not a proper longterm solution, while you learn it should be enough.

Thank you for the reply. I’ll give it a shot. However from my understanding any model you import from outside the engine is a static mesh aswell. Wouldn’t it have the same issues?

If you can, please elaborate why it is that a static mesh created in engine doesn’t have a light map?

They are both static meshes yes, but UE isn’t a proper modeling software, you can make some simple shapes for blocking out and making simple surfaces.

A uv map is a map of your object that defines how textures are placed on the object, unreal engine uses a second UV map that they call a lightmap that defines how static lighting is placed on the object (textures can be repeated, lighting cannot). When the model has lots of issues and there’s no/poor lightmap, it won’t know how to light it.

Thanks got it. I’m making the same part of my room that I had trouble with in 3DS Max and giving it proper UV’s. Hopefully I’ll get some better results with it.