Static Mesh lost 50% of vertices while importing

Hello devs and epic.

I modeling my main character for game using Blender, ZBrush, 3ds max, etc… which is not rigged to the skeleton right now.
Everything is fine in the Blender looks great until importing to the ue4. This static mesh has 8mil vertices (even more) and it’s completely fine for my desktop and engine but as you can see on the screenshots that I made, this mesh lost 50% of vertices (only 4mil) and almost 2mil triangles (should be 4mil)

I trying reseach for other unreal forum topics that should help me resolve this issue but nothing found. So I created this topic and I think it might help other people.

what are you doing? lol
I think you need to re-topologize the mesh. IT looks to me like the engine is just tossing all of your degenerates which is the whole mesh.

Follow this tutorial. Good luck.

Is it an LOD setting on import?