Static mesh losing parent capsule on physics - hard to find accurate info on this problem

I am experiencing a problem where my character’s collision capsule is detaching from its mesh when I enable physics. Its very easy to reproduce - make a new 3rd person template, and do the following:

  1. enable physics on the character’s mesh component by using “Set All Bodies Below Simulate Physics” with “root” specified as the bone (for the record, this is the UE4 mannequin which has an unweighted root bone)

  2. delay for 3s, so your character has a chance to ragdoll

  3. Turn physics on the mesh back off

You now have a separated mesh and capsule because the mesh has lost its parent (the capsule). This seems like extremely odd behavior - the root bone should still be in the capsule after all.

For reference, if you change “root” to another bone down the tree like “hand_r” the parent will NOT be lost.

You can repair the situation using “AttachTo” to reparent the mesh to the capsule after you turn physics back on. But is this a bug?

Finally someone else who has this problem. Didn’t see this till 4.8, mine got unattached after the update automatically.