Static Mesh LOD switch at screen edge

I am new to realtime stuff so forgive this crazy question:
I am finding that LOD meshes switch to the highest LOD level when they are on the screen edge. Even if they are in the distance and nowhere near the Screen Size threshold. I thought this might be an issue with something in my setup, so I tried the FBX Import Options Scene in the Content Examples levels and have found the same behavior. See the screen shot to see what I am talking about. When the object is fully on screen it calculates the correct screen size, but as it approaches the screen edge the screen size increases

(In this example the Cube is the Base LOD)

When its fully off screen it is at the max. Is this always the way it works?
I am building something for Oculus and this issue is magnified.
We haven’t spent much time building quality LODs but using the Rocks Collection from the Marketplace as an example is not promising at all.
Any suggestions?
We are building on 4.5.1
Thanks so much for your help.


If you have not turned off the automatic calculation of LOD, then turn it off and set the desired values. “Auto Compute LOD Distances” mode does not always work correctly.

Thanks for the tip.
I went and refined my distances. However, the distances aren’t the issue really it’s just how they are triggering.
Why would Ureal see a mesh as it’s highest LOD (Screen Size 1) when a mesh is leaving the screen?
If you look at my example (Using the Content Examples FBX) why does it see the mesh as screen size .9 when it is off screen? The LODs work great at the center of screen, just not at the edges.

If it switches to the Base LOD when a mesh is off the screen, then is it better to use your lowest resolution mesh for the Base LOD? That seems a bit crazy. I am obviously missing something here.
Thanks again for the suggestion.


You must remember, that LOD in UE (and in all 3D programs too) uses only a Distance between camera and object.

I have the same problem in 4.8. The screen size just breaks down at the edges of the camera. Is this being looked at by the developers?

Just a modest bump. Can a dev comment on this?

is this still an issue im using 4.13 and it is still switching lod’s for me