Static mesh landscape blend material

Hi, my name is Johan and I recently started working on a landscape. I am pretty much new to engine related stuff so I am not hunderd percent sure if i got myself in a mess with no way out, but essentially I would like to know if what I am trying to accomplish is even possible. So, we’ve made this landscape with a 2x2km square in the middle and made a static background mesh surrounding that, which is acting as background terrain. The 2x2KM in the middle is live, we can sculpt on it, put a landscape material on it, etc. The outside terrain is simply a static mesh. The question I have is: Is there a way to convert a landscape material to work on a static mesh with all it’s features or even make custom one?

Look up vertex painting

Hi, thanks you for the responce. Can I use World machine weight maps to mask out each layer instead of having to hand paint everything? Are there any example video’s you can recommend me?