Static Mesh isnt where the moving arrows are

So i am using the meshes from the shooter game sample and when I drag them on the seen the mesh is in a completely different location than the actual object selector(the arrows that allow you to move it) can anyone help me?

the image bellow shows what i am talking about

You will have to move the pivot point in your 3d program so that he is in the right position -> pivot is always at 0,0,0. So you will have to palce the mesh to that position.
Otherwise you can temporary change it when you press the left mouse button on the pivot point (white ball) and move it :slight_smile:

This is Epics content out of the shooter sample. Shouldn’t it already be set to that?

Normally it should already be at the right positon, but it seems like they havent done it in the shooter demo :frowning: -> so you will have to change the pivot by your own