Static mesh is working like trigger box

I am currently making a game of different levels and i had placed static mesh in levels and a trigger box in each level to load a widget but when I play that game and I overlap the static mesh then that widget appears which has to appear after I overlap the trigger box . Can anyone help me out

Can you show the code and some pictures?

You need two things:

  1. Put the code in a trigger box

  2. Cast to your player on overlap

You need to check WHAT is overlapping the trigger box. At the moment, ANYTHING overlapping the trigger box ( including any actor in the scene ), will cause the event to fire.

To check what is overlapping, cast to you player type.

i have added a trigger box to create widget but when i am overlapping actors in level then that widget gets created which has to be create after i overlap the trigger box. can anyone help me out !!

I had checked that everything is fine but I noticed one thing that I had removed the trigger box from the level and had done the same code to display widget in that water static mesh . And the same thing is happening again . I think that that water is affecting all the static mesh actors . Do you have any idea about that ?

that worked . thank you so so much for your help