Static mesh incorrect light

I have imported a static mesh from 3ds to UE4 and look like this:

The skirt look good but the skin look too bright(white) and the shirt and hair(mesh) look dotted pixel as shown above.
I applied the highest lightning quality and decrease light intensity.
What option do i need to change for it to look better ?

-does this happen after the light build?
-make sure to enable smoothing in your 3d program
-triangulate your mesh :slight_smile:

-It happen before applying light but make it a little better after light.
-I have applied the recommended setting for exporting and importing.

Here an image from 3ds

Make sure you are using PBR friendly values, a pure white texture in basecolor (1,1,1) would be something so white it’s basically glowing, think along the lines of fresh snow, but even brighter. ARound 80% or .8,.8,.8 or 200,200,200 is a good starting place for something that looks white, like paper, or white plastic, or a white shirt. You can look up PBR charts on google, there’s a few really good ones like ://

For skin you should be using one of the skin shader options https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Rendering/Materials/MaterialProperties/LightingModels/index.html#preintegratedskin

Ok i have done what you said and the texture look normal now. But the hair mesh still look pixel dotted and i don’t know how to fix it ?
( Note: Using more hair count doesn’t solve it. I create splines and apply hair and fur to it and finally converted it to mesh.)

You need to model hair specifically for game engines, taking something that was designed for offline renders, and putting it into a game engine typically does not work very well. The women character in this model viewer (the second thumbnail on the bottom) is a good example of how hair is typically done. :// also look at ://wiki.polycount/wiki/HairTechnique (warning, the first character model example is NSFW), but there’s examples from Final Fantasy, Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Colossus, and more.