Static Mesh Imported from Marketplace has wrong rotation

I bought and imported some assets (weapon meshes) from the Marketplace. Their default rotation is 90 degrees off (from what the shooter game example expects). How do I rotate the meshes? When I attempt to rotate and save, when I go back into the editor it has lost my rotation. This should be simple to do, but I can’t figure it out.

Figured it out and it is simple, of course. Posting in case other newbies run into same problem. Just have to create a construction script that does a Set Actor Rotation to the rotation I need. Simple. (Still don’t understand why editing the mesh doesn’t work. If I’m allowed to enter a new rotation and save it, it should save it.)

I agree with the part about being aloud to rotate it and not saving. I am trying to figure this out myself right now, looking into the construction script.