Static Mesh From Multiples Static mesh

Hello our company just purchase some pack in the market place and some objects like a car for exemple, comes in seperates pieces.
The thing is that when you bring all the pieces they don’t match together because the object center is not the same for every object. So i get a dilocated car.

So my question is this can you build an asset from multiple static meshes? This way i could just drag one object with all the car pieces at their right place.
I tired to group but it only works within your actual map. If you want to bring it in an other map you have to start over. I thought about blueprint but it’s really painfull to build the asset from the begining. (because there is so many objects to do.
I tought by selecting all the static objects you could with one clic generate a blueprint for the all car like i see it in my 3d view but that’s not the case.

If anyone has a solution for this it would be really awesome

If there is no solution I really would like to see that in a futur release of the engine.

Thank you

I haven’t done this but I believe you can export assets out as an FBX, if you did that you could take it into something like maya/3ds/blender, arrange everything how you want it, reimport it and make sure Combine Meshes under Mesh is checked.

There is a way to move the pivot around in UE4 and snap but I find it a huge pain and generally do most things in maya if I can help it

-either put everything together in the ue4 and group it
-create an actor bp and put everything together
-export it to a 3d program (as kvick suggested)
-which package have you purchased? (was it a uasset file or have you imported a fbx file?) :slight_smile:

We purchase this pack

I’m going to ask them if there is a easy way to use their pack

But one thing i’d like to know if you already exported before, does every object come at the same place they are in unreal engine?

As long as you export them from your scene (select the mesh - file - export selected) they will be at the same position as in the level (just tested it in blender) :slight_smile:

Good to know thanks