Static Mesh Editor Camera Speed

For how advanced and polished the editor is in so many ways, it boggles my mind how there is no fine grained camera speed adjustment in the static mesh window. I’m aware of the ctrl + mouse wheel to slow the speed somewhat but I’m dealing with fasteners and small meshes, and even on the lowest camera speed, I’m still whizzing by my mesh. I can reset the camera and then breath on the mouse or keyboard and I’m outer there.

It’s like some twisted mini game the developers cooked up. I just don’t get why there would be this option in the main viewport and options all over the place for just about everything, but no camera speed adjustment to slow it down to a point that means I can approach my mesh slowly.

Please, please, please make this a feature.

If I’m really missing something here or there is some kind of marketplace modification that lets me do this, please let me know. I"m working with a complex CAD model with lots of parts and trying to create LODs but I can’t tell you how infuriating it is to be fighting the camera speed like this. Thank you!