Static mesh disappear

I want to make a stand for my trailer and destroy it when I press a button .But when I try to put a static mesh in bp after I press compile the mesh disappears. I made a video :

It disappears because you have an error in your Blueprint.

I solve the error from blueprint ,but the same problem…the static mesh still disappear.

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Can you show me your Blueprint?

And I don’t know why I cannot create a new nodes in a read only graph .Why is readonly ,because is vehicle movement bp ?

It is disappearing because you are destroying it in a Construction script, you should do it in the Event Graph. Event Graph is executed only when you play the game and Construction script is executed every time you compile the Blueprint, move your actor in the editor or change any properties of that actor. When you are in the play mode you can not do anything in the Construction script.
I hope that helps :slight_smile: