Static mesh delete in runtime

I want to know how to remove a static mesh in runtime using an object whether its a sphere or cylinder or box. what i want is when the object collides with the static mesh to delete said mesh according to the size and shape of the object i am using example:
rainbow six extraction when you remove the sprawl from the ground with a laser, the sprawl is not just a texture, reason being is that when its spawned the character speed is slowed but when its removed the characters speed is not impacted anymore.
so how can i imitate this mechanic

Thank you

Hi Joe,

I just added this logic to the First Person Template Character, It seems to work well. Another approach would be to use collision attached to the camera instead of shooting sphere traces into the world.

Hope that helps!

I’m sorry to say that this isn’t what I meant, what I wanted was to be able to have a static mesh like a wall, be able to run an overlap on it and start removing pasts of that wall, not the entire wall, just parts of it relative to where I overlapped my object, exactly how in R6 Extraction, they are able to remove the sprawl bit by bit without actually deleting the static mesh.
TL;DR : I want a static mesh that can have parts of its mesh removed without having to delete the whole Mesh, like in R6 extraction with the sprawl