Static mesh constrained to skeletal one

Hello everyone,
I am trying to build a vehicle where I can destroy it to a state some parts fall off. I have already did that by importing separate static meshes for the parts I want to fall off of a vehicle and attaching them to sockets an then simply detach when xy happens. Now, however, I am trying to simulate realistic movement of an open door on a vehicle. So when the doors are open and I lets say accelerate the doors will shut because of inertia. I know this is possible to do very simple if I import it as one mesh and just add it physics body in Phat editor, but then I won’t be able to detach them later. So I am asking if you know about some way how to use physics on static mesh with skeletal mesh, or if it is possible to get rid of the doors even if I import it as one piece with the whole car body. Anything will help, but I really want to do it using physics not just fake it, as it can make more troubles later. Thank you.