Static mesh connecting to multiple sockets help

Hi guys.

This might be a dumb question but I am going to ask it anyways.

Is there a way to attach one side of a skeletal mesh to a socket on one actor and the other side of that same skeletal mesh to a socket on a different actor?

A good example of what I am talking about would be a rope. I would like to have one end of the rope attach to the socket on one actor and the other end attach to the socket of a different actor.

I can see how to attach the rope to one actor but not two.

Can it be done?

Bump. Any ideas?

First of all, please don’t bump threads so early. Wait 4! days before bumping them. Otherwise this will clutter the forum and others have a harder time to get their questions answered.

For you problem:

Let’s say “ActorA” is the ceiling and it has a Socket called “SocketA”. Now you have an actor called “CableActor” (or RopeActor).
This actor should have a RopeComponent, or CableComponent (however it’s called). One part needs to be in the center of the CableActor, so at 0,0,0.

Now you Attach the CableActor to ActorA at SocketA. That would be the first connection. Now instead of connecting the other end of the CableActor to
an “ActorB”, you just connect ActorB to the CableActor.

That should be the thing you want. So it’s not ActorA<-Cable->ActorB, but it’s ActorA<-Cable<-ActorB.

Thank you. This did work. However, I guess the mechanics of this simply do not work the way that I had thought they did. Everything is now connected as it should be however only one side of the chain is staying firm in place. I need both sides of the chain to stay firmly in place while the center of it dangles freely with working physics. And I need the sides of the chain to move when the Actor the chain is connected to on that side moves as well. It looks like this method with the sockets is simply not the solution I need for what I am making. Sigh… back to the drawing board. Thank you for your help still eXi! Any ideas or suggestions?

Solved. Now I need to take a Tylenol for all the banging my head against the wall that I have been doing. LOL.

How did u solve this?

I know it is an old thread. Did anyone post a solution to this problem? Would be really helpful, thanks!