Static Mesh Collison

I am trying to create a mesh - similar to unity’s static mesh

Sorry need more information, what program are you trying to create the mesh in?
Do you just need a collision added to your mesh or also UVs?

Take a look at this video: It will show you how to create a collision :slight_smile:

do import with NO colission and no Generit in menu import, then- push Ctrl+E-u will got menu from rigte panel-,low u see Colission type-it will Defoult-un rup and chek -Colission as sample…-u will getting the same colis as yur and run then)

Okay if you notice in this screenshot im using unity and have the gutter selected. Now I dont have to do anything I can simply use the gutter render mesh as the gutter collison mesh. Is it not possible to simply use the static mesh as the collision mesh in unreal?

It is possible. In the static mesh properties, under Static Mesh Settings, there is a value called Collision Complexity. Set that to “Use Complex as Simple”.

Oh your god its mesk