Static Mesh Collisions

ok afaik the static mesh custom collision workflow hasn’t changed, but for some reason it doesn’t work as well in the Rocket editor as in the UDK editor here’s a picture to show what i mean.

as you can see the udk produces a collision mesh from the UCX in the file where Rocket doesn’t manage to get the bend.
again am i doing something wrong. i understand the workflow will change with the change in engine but the documentation is the same for udk and rocket

ps both views are from the same mesh/file which was exported via fbx

It looks like this is caused by having the “One convex hull per UCX” option checked (see image). Do you have this option checked and if so does it work for you if you uncheck it? I made a similar test case to yours and it works when that option is unchecked. I don’t think this should be the default so I’ll fix that up (note that you just need to uncheck this once and it will save the state of that option)

Hi Matt, that fixed the problem, must remember to check the advance properties when importing in future, just little things to take note of :slight_smile:

Hey George,

Can you attach a copy of the mesh you are using so we can see it here?

Hi Justin problem solved, again my workflow and me not digging far enough