Static mesh collision trouble! please help!

I have been trying to set up a collision for my “castle” that i downloaded for free. i have been going thru tutorials, feeds, and every type of collision i can find in UE4. when i add any type of collision, the castle is not accessible in any way, only to have a collision completely barricading the whole thing. how would i go about setting up a collision that completely wraps around the entire castle while being able to walk thru it as normal??? please help, the castle isnt big when i place it in the world, but adding auto convex collision has litterally taken all day with 0 results. please help.

Hi. To create a correct collision you can open your model inside any modelling program (blender works fine) and draw a collision you need using simple primitives. Before exporting back these primitives should be named as described [here][1]

Also you can use static mesh editor to draw a custom collision:


This button opens a window with some settings. Set accuracy to maximuum (but less than 1.0) and apply this - it will build collision boxes automatically.

If it doesnt help you can draw collision manually by adding collision boxes and drag\scale them inside the editor window.

If it still doesnt helps you to create good collision you can force engine to use visual collision, but it can slowdown your game


OH MY GOD!!! After 2 days of useless research and failed testing, you nailed it with the use complex as simple. i saw that earlier but never could find how to set that mode, you helped me MAJORLY! THANK YOU!!!