Static Mesh Character Collision


Doing a little project on the side and it delves into the realm of Collision for Characters.

I currently have a CharacterBP with a Static Mesh as its Character. I have replicated code to swap out this static mesh for other Static Meshes. I’m not sure if there is a way I can change the Collision Capsule per Static Mesh I use to fit the object? This will be in Runtime also.

Is this possible? I know if you use the Character class you’re stuck with the the Capsule component.

I tried searching this but could not find anything obvious.

You can alter the Height and Radius of the Capsule Collider.

Or you can add more colliders to suit your needs.

Hi Devils,

I can set my Height and Radius at run time which is great but I can’t add extra collider’s they’re there attach to Static Mesh, but they do not prevent movement etc… I can still clip through environments is there something I’ve missed?

You can attach extra colliders to your character using sockets and you will just need to setup the collision channels on them to ignore your pawn.

Aye I’ve tried this but the collision doesn’t act like the capsule component.
It doesn’t block the character from moving into a wall for example. It just complete ignors it even when collision is set to block all.

Pretty sure I read that box and sphere collision is not yet supported for character class. It’s insane if this is still true…

2019, still true :confused: