Static mesh attached to skeletal mesh loses overlap ability on server

I have a throwable VR sticky grenade. It uses a ProjectileMovementComponent for physics. I have it set up so that on bounce, if the object it hit is of collision type Pawn, it attaches to the object at the hit bone. The actual function looks like this:

void AProxyWarExplosive::OnBounce(const FHitResult& HitResult, const FVector& NormalImpulse) {
	if (WeaponConfig.bSticksToPawns && HitResult.GetComponent()->GetCollisionObjectType() == ECollisionChannel::ECC_Pawn) {
		AttachToComponent(HitResult.GetComponent(), FAttachmentTransformRules::KeepWorldTransform, HitResult.BoneName);

This works 100% fine. However, I’m now finding that it’s very natural when one of these things hits you to want to pull it off of your body. This also works just fine… on clients. Only on clients. On the server, picking up a grenade does not work when the grenade is attached to a player’s body.

Thinking this was surely my fault, I logged out all the picking up logic to debug. The pick up process is very simple, I just have a SphereComponent attached to the player’s hand and I use GetOverlappingActors like so:

TArray<AActor*> Overlapping;
GrabSphere->GetOverlappingActors(Overlapping, ClassFilter);

Where ClassFilter is the grenade base class. I then Iterate through the Overlapping array and return the nearest one to be picked up. What I’m finding in this particular situation is that these attached grenades do not show up in Overlapping list at all.

Here is a video of me doing some further testing with just a very basic skeletal mesh and a static mesh. No characters or anything involved to get in the way. As you can see, I can pull the grenade off the cube just fine, but when it’s attached to the skeletal mesh I cannot. Again, this behavior is ONLY on the server.

Why in the world would this be happening?

EDIT: I found today that this issue is actually not present in a packaged build. Truly baffling

Hey SlimeQ,

Im getting the exact same issue you are talking about, though I have not tested this in a packaged build as of yet. I’m also getting this issue in 4.19 within the editor - did you come to any further resolution? perhaps this is a bug with the ue4 editor

I completely forgot about this issue because I literally never have to pull grenades off my body outside of a live multiplayer game.

I’d recommend trying it in a package to make sure it’s worth spending time on it.

Ok so I packaged it up and what do you know, resolved the issue. Looks like a bug with the UE4 editor…

Interestingly enough, this occurs with line trace as well as overlap events - i’ll submit a bug report